Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Great Shed of 2008

Dear Karen,

I know that we've been dancing around the subject for the last two weeks, so I thought I would just address it. You've quietly swept and swiffered fruitlessly as I leave new gifts for you. You've used special tools, like the Furminator, to lessen the pile up only to create more mess. Even Dyson's special vacuum - the Animal- has failed to meet your expectations.

Big E for effort, though. You're a trooper.

But seriously, I didn't ask to blow my coat. It's just that the Great Shed stops for no one. Not even the furry inhabitants of Test Drive Kitchen.

Keep your chin up. It's almost over. Oh, and can you pass me your slipper? I wasn't done nibbling on it. Thanks.

I feel better now that we've had this talk.


1 comment:

Mo said...

Sami is a beauty! I know well, the Furminator, the Dyson Animal, and all the other gadgets we try to do to rid the hair.
My golden, Chase, loves to eat his own hair after we brush it. He tries to grab it out of the brush - so funny and weird. All the hair aside, I would never get any other breed of dog. They are just awesome!