Thursday, April 3, 2008

Look what I made with my new hand blender!

Does this look good to you?

It sure tastes amazing! I've been eager to try this Pear & Parsnip soup recipe from one of my new favorite blogs, The Perfect Pantry. I'm going to send you right over to her house, because it's fun to peek into another person's pantry.

Even if you've never seen or tried a parsnip in your life (often described as a white spicy carrot), you've got to try this soup. The flavors are indescribably good.

By the way, it was quite comical to watch me use an immersion blender for the first time. My hand fatigued after five minutes! I had to keep stopping and starting and finally decided to leave the soup chunkier because I was so inept.

I'll just tell hubby that I prefer it chunky. Hey, look at that piece of pear. Isn't it pretty? It's supposed to be whole like, garnish. Yep, it's a garnish.


Kitchen Queen Victoria said...

Karen, does this soup have a peppery taste? I had parsnip-pear soup for the first time last year at a charity dinner and it was fantastic, but I never have remembered to look for a recipe!

What kind of hand-blender did you end up purchasing?


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I'm so glad you liked the soup -- it's become one of our favorites! I love my hand blender. I set it on Puree for soups. Yes, it can be tiring, but try adding a tiny bit of water or stock to the soup to make it easier to blend. In the summer, when I make gazpacho, the hand blender is a dream -- I can do the whole soup in one large stainless steel bowl, without having to do batches in a regular blender.

KristiB said...

Congrats on your new purchase! I love my immersion blender. What kind did you get? The soup looks fantastic too.

Alison B said...

Can't wait to make that. Mattie LOVES a parnsip. I am going to have to get a hand blender. My regular blender is pretty cumbersome andI never want to drag it out. Please share the brand of hand blender you used.

Cakespy said...

This looks fantastic! I love parsnips, and I think you described them to a T--spicy white carrots! The soup is the sort of thing I love, rich in veggies. And with our lack of spring in Seattle thus far, this will come in handy!