Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Veggies at Work

Look at what Jessie at Cakespy (http://www.cakespy.com/) created for me!!! I'm a huge fan of both her blog and artwork. Her paintings of Lil' Cuppie - a very adventurous cupcake- make me giggle on a daily basis. My favorite thing about her work is the attention to details. Just look at the expression on the veggies' faces.

Thank you, Jessie, for beautifully capturing the inner workings of Test Drive Kitchen.


Alison B said...

SO cute! so are you the carrot of the tomato?

jessicabaim said...

Try the Zatar on veggies for a quick sauteed side dish. Or even just on olive oil with great crusty bread dipped in. A lot of Penzey's spice blends are really good too. We love the BBQ of the Americas on grilled steak. The Black & Red BBQ is good too, but really really hot!

Ricki said...

Hi Karen!
Wow, that drawing is absolutely adorable--I love Jessie's work! Are you goint to add this as a banner on the blog?

Looking forward to your upcoming Passover posts--curious to see what you can do with those limited ingredients!

Cakespy said...

Karen, I just can't say enough good things about working with you on that piece--so fun to work with someone who has such a sense of humor and whimsy. And fun to work on the healthy side for once--don't worry, I won't tell Cuppie how much I loved doing veggies! :-)