Monday, May 12, 2008

We're going to need a bigger boat

May 12, 2008. CSA Week 1

All I have to say is....


I'm utterly speechless.

I remember reading somewhere that the first few weeks of the CSA were leaner. If this is lean, I think we're going to need a bigger boat, folks. (What movie, please?)

So, if the picture is a clock face, we've got spring mix at 12:00, then the biggest head of romaine lettuce I've ever seen, rhubarb, radishes, green garlic, unidentified lettuce (this one's a mystery, but it's definitely mild tasting)**, asparagus, and wonderful refreshing mint! And there's another bag of spring mix I couldn't fit in the picture.

To give you some idea of how large the contents of this box is, it takes up half of my dining room table which seats 6 people.

I wish it wasn't so rainy and grey, because the natural light in the dining room is the best in the whole house. So future pictures will look much better than this, I promise!

At some point a few months ago, I read about green garlic soup on someone's blog. If you're out there reading this, be sure to drop me an email, please!

I will take any and all suggestions for recipes, folks. I've done my own research, but I love hearing from other test-drivers out there.

**I'm a doofus. It's spinach.


Ricki said...

Looks fabulous! Don't know the 2nd lettuce, but the movie was Jaws (pretty sure). Enjoy the haul!

Anonymous said...

Google Green Garlic Soup - Not sure these will compare to the recipe you saw - but there are some options.